Howdy y’all! Welcome to Greasy Creek General Store, a small family-owned and operated store just a tad over two miles East of Buffalo, MO, on Hwy 32.

In the midst of today's pressure and fast pace business, we want to try to preserve some of the simplistic charm of the old-fashioned general store. In addition to our small size, relaxed atmosphere, and old-time décor, we offer some of the same goods and services the old general stores offered back in the day!

About Us

We began with produce. Having tilled up the garden of the old home place, we began selling green beans and vegetable plants in the early summer of 2010. By 2012, our customer base had grown so large, we added a front porch to the present store building, and opened officially to the public on July 1st.

Today, we continue to offer produce (fresh, local, and organic as possible) during the spring and summer months of the year. Green beans are still a main crop for us, along with tomatoes, squashes, potatoes, peppers, cucumbers, okra, eggplant, and more! What we can’t grow here on site in our own gardens, we buy from the Mennonites of Lead Mine, MO.

We also sell a wide variety flowers, flower baskets, garden plants, and herbs in the spring; as well as pumpkins, gourds, ornamental corn, straw bales, and mums in the fall.

While the produce and plants are very seasonal, there are many things we handle year round.

Milk and bread are two staples we handle on a regular basis. We also stock an entire line of jellies, pickles, and preserves, and our fridge is always full of cold soda and water.

When autumn sets in, bringing the produce season to a close, we switch hats and specialize in primitive and country home décor items.

We have expanded into a wide range of lamps, candles and holders, canister sets, wax warmers and melts, salt-and-pepper sets, centerpieces, and more! We carry a lot of mason jar décor, as well as burlap décor. Many of our primitive items are remakes of antiques, and are perfect for primitive, country, and lodge environments.

We try to keep our pages up-to-date with photos and relative information about our business and activities going on here. You can check our Facebook page for day-to-day updates, photos, prices, sales, and event pages.

We also like to support the local artisans of our area! We carry a line of Peighton's Place Soap, a goat-milk soap hand-made in Nixa, MO. And we carry a small selection of unique, wooden wall decorations and tree ornaments handcarved by Sam Hartsell here in Buffalo, MO.

In addition to that, we have been partnering up with several locals to host hands-on workshops that teach interested students about the trades of times past. James Craig, Ginny Baumeister, and Rob Jones are just a few of some amazing friends who are helping us keep our heritage alive in a fun way.

Check our event calendar or our Facebook page for dates and details about upcoming classes!

Interesting History

Greasy Creek General Store got its name from the creek that runs at the bottom of the hill. Supposedly, back in the day, a wagon loaded down with lard tipped over while crossing the creek. It was given the name “Greasy Creek”, and is the main creek you cross when coming East out of Buffalo, MO, on either the old Main Street or the new Hwy 32.

The original wagon road out of Buffalo followed the old Main Street route until it crossed the old bridge, where it twisted to the left onto what is now known as Ozark Trail. At the top of the hill, it angled left again, continuing on about the same route as the current Hwy 32.

Later on, Hwy 32 was paved out of Buffalo. It ran the same course as the old wagon road, but bypassed the original turnoff after the bridge, and made a straighter climb up the hill along the present-day Quarry Road. At the top of the hill, it met up with the old wagon road again, and continued on.

Greasy Creek General Store sits at the top of the hill right in front of where these two roads meet and join present-day Hwy 32.

You could say it's where the old meets the new.


Greasy Creek General Store often hosts fun events for the community to engage in. Our biggest annual event is our Fall Festival Craft Show, which takes place the first weekend in October. We have all kinds of games and activities set up for the kids, as well as new product displays, door prizes, and drawings! Our first one in 2015 saw 23 different craft vendors set up, and 2016 saw 46 plus live music! Who knows what next year will bring?

We also have a Christmas Open House during the first weekend of November, when Buffalo has their city-wide Christmas Extravaganza. This is a fun night when we set out all our Christmas items, and invite the community to join us for hot cider, a few drawings, and special sales!

Other events include 1800's Day Spring Fest, Area Church Bake Sale, primitive trade workshop classes, live music jams, photo contests, Blacksmith Open House, and Customer Appreciation Day!

If you are interested in participating in an event, we have all the info you need to know listed on our Event Sign-up Form.

Our phone number is (417)-345-0616
Our hours are 9:00am - 6:00pm, Monday thru Saturday

See y'all at the store!